Services for Commercial Appliances​


We understand that your business is only successful when you have properly operating equipment. We want to offer you service on any type of appliance you are using, from ice makers to ovens. Our repair services cover the following:

  • Range, oven and stove repairs: Efficient operation of these appliances is essential to your business and the safety of your kitchen. Repairs are often complex and require a skilled knowledge to fix. Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co. technicians are trained to work on all brands and types of commercial ranges, ovens and stoves.
  • Freezer and refrigerator repairs: The costs associated with a broken freezer or refrigerator can be devastating to your business. Ensure they are operating properly by having us handle maintenance or make any needed repairs.
  • Restaurant Equipment Repair: Problems rarely ever wait for a convenient time to occur. When you have a breakdown or need repair on restaurant cooking equipment, we are here for you any time with our 24/7 emergency service.
  • Factory warranty service: If your appliances are still under warranty, rest assured that we are qualified repair experts who can handle any work you need. There’s no need to call a company that will charge you outrageous prices when we can do the same work for less.

Fast and Knowledgeable Commercial Appliance Repair

Since 1985, Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Company, has been servicing commercial appliances in SW Idaho with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. With dependable, well-trained professional technicians on call, we are able to diagnose your problem and get you up and running in no time at a cost you can afford.

Boise Appliance & Refrigeration's technicians are all trained to perform the highest quality of work, with close attention to detail and great customer service. Our top priorities are the needs of our clients, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co. takes pride in being trustworthy and honest, and we’re always upfront with our clients about costs and services. We will never cut corners or recommend unnecessary services. We are a reliable, dependable, and experienced appliance repair company.