Commercial Appliance Maintenance


Any restaurant kitchen in the world is only as good as its cooking appliances. If these are faulty, broken or unreliable, even the most talented and hard-working chefs and staff will not be able to produce good results and the same restaurant will suffer because of this. The nature of cooking appliances is that they tend to break down and malfunction on a regular basis, which is why a diligent process of maintenance is needed. Luckily, with the use of Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co. and our commercial appliance maintenance, any restaurant can avoid these types of problematic situations and receive appliances that are in the best possible working order.

Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co. represents an all-around service that takes care of restaurant appliance maintenance and repair. Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co., which is short for Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Company, began working all the way back in 1985. At the start, we began in a humble manner, but soon grew to become one of the most relevant providers of the North Bay area. Thanks to our wealth of experience when it comes to commercial appliance maintenance, our company can deal with devices and machines coming from practically any manufacturer out there. Our services cover commercial appliances for things like baking, cooking, preparation, dishwashing, beverage machines, refrigeration and even ice makers. Our company was able to repair these appliances in a huge range of businesses, including wineries, hospitals, restaurants, community centers, schools and many other types of institutions.

Thanks to our company’s dedication to providing the best possible commercial appliance maintenance in any restaurant kitchen, it can guarantee a full service every time. With the use trained, motivated, and experienced repair technician, even the most daunting problem will be solved in a fast and effective manner. Our same professionals will provide an upfront estimate of the cost, designed so that you get a completely transparent service. When this fact is combined with the long-standing Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co. reputation for delivering services at very affordable prices, it is clear that our company should be the first choice for any restaurant which desires to have their commercial appliances in the best possible condition.

Why Choose Us

Our technicians are all trained to perform the highest quality of work, with close attention to detail and great customer service. Our top priorities are the needs of our clients, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We take pride in being trustworthy and honest, and we’re always upfront with our clients about costs and services. We will never cut corners or recommend unnecessary services. When you choose Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co., you can be certain that you’re selecting a reliable, dependable, and experienced company.