24 Hour Commercial  Appliance Repair

Emergency Commercial Appliance Repair

24 hour appliance repair

Your restaurant equipment can malfunction when you least expect it. When this happens, you have no choice but to find a qualified repair expert. Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co. is an emergency appliance service provider.

We Can Fix The Following Right Now:

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Commercial Oven Repair

Restaurant Equipment Repair

Call Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Company at 208-343-0103 for 24 hour repair.  You can be sure that your equipment will be fixed in a timely and professional manner when you are having problems with the appliances in your restaurant.

Top reasons why people call our Boise service company:

1. The technicians will show up within the shortest time possible

Your business depends on your equipment. When they are not working as they should, you will not be able to serve your customers as efficiently as you would want to. That is why Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co. will not keep you waiting. We will respond to your call as soon as possible. It will not take long before our technicians show up at your restaurant ready to fix your appliances. You equipment will be back up and running sooner than you thought it was possible.

2. All the tools required for the job are available

The technicians will not show up at your place of business empty handed. They will come with all the tools that are needed to do the job at hand. The availability of all tools need for appliance repair helps to ensure that the job is done well within the shortest time possible.

3. Your equipment will be fixed by highly trained and experienced technicians

We’ve fixed so many restaurant appliances in the past, it’s hard to count. All of our customers have had nothing but good things to say about the quality of our services. You too will be very happy with the work that we perform in your business. Our expertise is second to none and we stand by every service we provide. When we are the emergency appliance service that you decide to contact, you can be sure that your equipment will only be handled by people who know exactly what to do.

Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Company

Our technicians are all trained to perform the highest quality of work, with close attention to detail and great customer service. Our top priorities are the needs of our clients, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We take pride in being trustworthy and honest, and we’re always upfront with our clients about costs and services. We will never cut corners or recommend unnecessary services. When you choose Boise Appliance & Refrigeration Co., you can be certain that you’re selecting a reliable, dependable, and experienced company.